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The growth and cost of spam

The European Union estimates that 50% of all email messages are spam and it is predicted that this will reach 70% by 2007.

This means that employees must dedicate part of their work time to dealing with spam, which results in a decrease in productivity (and an increase in frustration!). Loss of productivity is the main cost of spam, particularly as so many spam mails are received per day. There is also the threat of receiving viruses, Trojans and malware via email, as well as other storage and network infrastructure costs.

Ferris Research calculated that if an employee receives just 5 spam mails a day and spends 30 seconds on each, they will waste 15 hours a year on junk mail - now multiply that by the hourly rate of each employee in your company and you will have a very conservative idea of the cost of spam to your company.

It is essential to put a stop to spam to save time, money and protect your network from the threat of viruses and malware. To do this you need to deploy an effective server level anti-spam tool.

Choosing the correct anti-spam software

Many software packages are available on the market to help you combat spam; but not all are incisive enough in dealing with spam. The key feature that you should be looking for in a spam solution is Bayesian filtering.

Bayesian filtering technology

A few years ago, most anti-spam products simply used a list of keywords to identify spam. A good set of keywords could catch plenty of spam. However, nowadays Keywords-based spam catching generates too many false positives and requires too much manual updating.

It’s now widely acknowledged by leading experts and publications that the best way to catch spam is by using a Bayesian filter. A Bayesian filter uses a mathematical approach based on known spam and ham (valid email). This gives it a tremendous advantage over outdated spam technology that just checks for keywords or relies on downloading signatures of known spam.

More information about Bayesian filtering can be found in the whitepaper section “Why Bayesian filtering is the most effective anti-spam technology”.

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