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The best-selling server-based anti-spam solution

These are some of the key reasons why GFI MailEssentials is currently the best-selling server-based anti-spam solution:

   1. Highest spam detection rate (98%) using Bayesian filtering
   2. Lowest false positives through a patented automatic whitelist feature and a tailored ham & spam database
   3. Allows users to review email marked as spam from a folder in their own inbox
   4. Server-based, no client component
Highest spam detection rate (98%) using Bayesian filtering

Bayesian filtering is widely acknowledged by leading experts and publications to be the best way to catch spam. A Bayesian filter uses a mathematical approach based on known spam and ham (valid email). This gives it a tremendous advantage over other spam solutions that just check for keywords or rely on downloading signatures of known spam. GFI's Bayesian filter uses an advanced mathematical formula and a data set which is 'custom- created' for your installation: The spam data is continuously updated by GFI and is automatically downloaded by GFI MailEssentials, whereas the ham data (valid email) is automatically collected from your outbound mail. This means that the Bayesian filter is constantly learning new spam tricks, and signifies that spammers cannot circumvent the dataset used. This has resulted in 98+% spam detection rate, after the required two-week learning period.

In short, Bayesian filtering has the following advantages:

   1. Looks at the whole spam message, not just keywords or known spam signatures
   2. Learns from your outbound email (ham) and therefore reduces false positives greatly
   3. Adapts itself over time by learning about new spam and new valid email
   4. Dataset is unique to company, making it impossible to bypass
   5. Multilingual and international
   6. Hard to trick.

The effectiveness of the Bayesian filter, and its omission by many products has caused some 'anti-spam companies' to try and put this technology in a bad light! Don't be fooled: Bayesian filtering is the best way to detect spam. For more information, click on "White Papers". 

Lowest false positives through a patented automatic whitelist feature and a tailored ham & spam database

GFI MailEssentials has the lowest rate of false positives. This is due to two reasons: First of all, GFI MailEssentials uses a patented automatic whitelist feature, which automatically analyses your outbound mail and creates a whitelist (i.e., a list of email users from whom mail will never be marked as spam); secondly GFI MailEssentials tailors its Bayesian filter dataset to your company's email 'habits' and is therefore much more refined in tagging spam.

Allows users to review email marked as spam from a folder in their own inbox

With GFI MailEssentials, users can easily review mail marked as spam. Spam is forwarded to three subfolders - Bayesian, Header and Keyword - depending on which module tagged the mail as spam. From these subfolders in their inbox, users can easily check that all spam is actually spam.

There is therefore no need for users to log in to an HTML website and review their email marked as spam online; this method is very cumbersome for the user and results in additional support for the administrator.

Server-based, no client component

GFI MailEssentials installs on or in front of your mail server and does not require client software. Many anti-spam solutions include a client component, such as a set of Outlook forms that are required by users to 'manage' their spam. This results in the administrator having to train and support end-users in this task. GFI MailEssentials is completely transparent to the user and little involvement by the user is required.

GFI's experience in the development of content filtering/anti-spam software, has allowed them to make a piece of software that is very compact and easy to deploy. Because GFI sells thousands of units each month, they are able to keep the price very low.

The #1 selling server anti-spam solution

GFI MailEssentials is the most popular anti-spam server solution. GFI MailEssentials protects over 30,000 servers worldwide.

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