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With GFI MailSecurity and GFI MailEssentials, we enjoy better use of IT time as well as improved user relations. The products are out of sight but definitely not out of mind. Threats of infections are minimized and our content filtering and monitoring by file types has improved.

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Yusuf Denath
Business Systems and IT Manager
Leicester City Football Club


By utilising every conceivable means of filtering—from keyword checking to DNS blacklists, to Bayesian analysis—to newer methods such as spam URI and SPF, GFI MailEssentials gives us the best protection money can buy.

Jay Bregman
Technology Director


As we are a non-profit organization, the fact that we are keeping away dozens of unwanted mails, viruses and exploits every day with GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity means that we are dramatically decreasing the TCO of our IT infrastructure.

Pascal Tesch
radio 100,7


The GFI MailEssentials return on investment was apparent after less than a year, thanks to the way the product helped maintain staff productivity.

Olivier Fourquin
IT Manager


I only have the highest praise and accolades for GFI and their products. They have returned time and efficiency to our company.

Justin Lenkey
Systems Administrator
GB Manufacturing Co.

Delta, Ohio, USA

I can sum up my experiences using GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP in one sentence: By installing GFI MailEssentials on the network I manage for about 85 people, I have instantly become a hero!

Paul Morris
Systems Administrator
Delta Dental Plan of Kentucky

Kentucky, USA
We are a public school system and have approximately 450 email accounts. We process over 1,000,000 (yes, one million) messages per month! We have GFI MailEssentials installed on a front end server and GFI MailSecurity on the Exchange server.

Larry Jones
Lead Technician
Greeneville City Schools

Tennessee, USA
Three years ago, our mail flow suddenly started increasing, with lots of spam in it. Most of my users, including my boss, started complaining that their mailbox was unreadable with a spam percentage averaging 60%! The efficiency of my colleagues and my company was in real danger, some would miss important emails to deal with and some would miss appointments.

I installed GFI MailEssentials version 9 and started training the Bayesian filter. Two weeks later all the mailboxes were clean with very few false positives. The auto-white list feature helped us a lot in reducing those false positives. DNS Blacklist and SURBL are also great features (catch 50% of Spam here).

Laurent Bourhis
IT Manager

Clichy, France
We run Microsoft Small Business Server with Exchange email server, and since using GFI MailEssentials, for over a year now, we have noticed a dramatic fall in the number of spam emails reaching our mailboxes. The installation was very straightforward as was the configuration of the different options from blacklist/whitelist to intuitive Bayesian analysis. We will definitely upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

Pat Fevre
Finance & Office Manager
The Rainforest Foundation UK

London, UK
GFI MailEssentials has really done an excellent job in preventing unwanted email in my organization. Being a small company right now, I have literally wiped out unwanted mail from many users in our organization. They believe I have some type of magical powers, but really it's all due to the people at GFI for making this possible. GFI MailSecurity has been a great addition to our Exchange Server. It has caught hundreds of possible viruses and stopped them before they were able to be delivered to our workers. To sum it all up, GFI is one fantastic tool that no Administrator can live without.

Kevin Hays
Systems Engineer
Star Robbins & Company

Kentucky, USA
What a fantastic product GFI MailEssentials is! Within less than a week I had all of the filters in full swing with very minimal configuration. I now have less than .03% visible spam in my network. Reports show that 12,000-15,000 pieces of spam are stopped every month.

Erik Pryor
Network Administrator
LCHA - Pryor Consulting

Lancaster, USA

I'm a registered licensed user of GFI MailEssentials. This product is wonderful and stops 99% of the spam. I downloaded a newer version for installation on our new server which replaced our older server and all is working well. It is one of the best software investments I've made!

Ruffin Rhodes
Rhodes + Brito Architects Inc.

Orlando, FL, USA
Your software works better than any other filter I've tried. The thing I like most is that is requires almost no maintenance yet we went from 75% daily junk mail to less than 1%. I configured GFI MailEssentials within an hour of installing it and haven't changed a thing since. I was planning to trial another anti-spam product next but I've decided I found what we need in GFI. It's really great software and I've passed the news along to a few other IT people I know. One of the best features is that we have a few paranoid email lovers who are terrified that a filter is going to strip out a critical email from their dry-cleaner or something but the way GFI stores the junk in those special Inbox folders keeps them calm. Thanks.

Oscar Edgerly
Engineering Manager

M.E.Baker Company
Cambridge, MA, USA
Before GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity, our SPAM was completely out of control, and we were receiving a tremendous number of email viruses a day. Since email marketing is an important component to our business, our addresses were highly visible to the general public and this made email administration a nightmare. GFI's products have helped make Exchange administration a breeze for our organization, and has reduced the time spent parsing through mountains of SPAM to almost nothing for our users.

Jody Thomas
Kayye Consulting, Inc.

Chapel Hill, NC, US

MKO Partners is a Chartered Accountancy Practice, our business is based on information. Email is used by our Firm every minute of the working day, as with any information business. Spam email represents a serious cost in man hours and a risk as an employer if staff were to get exposed to unsolicited and potentially offensive e-mail. That is why we purchased GFI MailEssentials to protect us from the several thousand spam messages a day that we receive. It provides us with a very high level of protection and we are happy that it is better than the product we previously purchased. It is also very easy to install and “train” to recognize spam.

Timothy O’Reilly
Managing Partner
MKO Partners Chartered Accountants

Dublin, Ireland

The installation and subsequent upgrade to version GFI MailEssentials 11 went very well. In the 6 to 8 weeks it has been running, it has stopped over 2600 emails of which approximately 50 were legitimate emails.

Cosmas Browne
Patrick Fahy & Co

Northern Ireland, UK

With email being such a vital component of our modern business, it was becoming increasingly problematic for our users to have to sift through the hundreds of spam messages that they received every day. GFI MailEssentials has effectively eliminated that problem and helps our staff to concentrate on our clients instead of hunting through their emails. Combined with GFI MailSecurity we have a comprehensive security package that helps keep our company safe from attack and our business moving.

Daniel Reid
Network Administrator
Philip Pank Partnership


We have been using GFI MailEssentials for about 18 months now and have found the product to be absolutely brilliant! Our company deals with professional training in project, programme and risk management. We receive most of our business from email bookings therefore it is imperative that we are confident in the effectiveness of the product, particularly with regard to false positives. We have monitored GFI MailEssentials and have found it to be very effective and accurate. Thank you for an excellent product!

Peter Inglis
I.T Manager
SPOCE Project Management Ltd.
Poole, Dorset


We have been using GFI MailEssentials and GFI FAXmaker for over 4 years and we have found these products essential to our core communications network. It is imperative that we have an email and fax to email solution that is reliable, and GFI have provided us with this together with high end support, making GFI MailEssentials and GFI FAXmaker the best products for us.

Sarah Forbes
Systems Analyst
Divex Ltd.

Westhill, Aberdeen
I cannot praise you enough for the idea you folks had for GFI MailEssentials version 10. Having the anti-spam tool learn from public folders is superb! I experienced a big "wow" on the weekend when I just moved a couple of dozen things into the "This is spam" folder. Great idea! Finally someone puts up an easy-to-use learning toolkit every idiot end user can understand. The new anti-spam feature in version 10 really rocks and the training is superb.

Thomas Tomiczek, Microsoft MVP, C#/.NET
THONA Software & Consulting Ltd.

Up until a few months ago I had never heard of GFI or any of their products, so when I was looking for a spam filter for our Exchange 2000 server I was surprised to see so many good reports about GFI MailEssentials. I can honestly say all I read turned out to be true and the product has to be the most effective and easy to use software I have come across. There is almost zero administration required and so far it has been 100% reliable. Congratulations on a superb product!

Andrew Hastings
IT Manager
Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP


GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP has solved our spam problem. We no longer have to worry about what our users have to face from spammers - GFI MailEssentials efficiently and quietly deals with it all!

Malc Seaman
Operations Director
Encore Technical Solutions Ltd

Maldon, UK

I've been using GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP for a while now and it continues to impress me. I may not be your typical customer, given that I am a "one man band" software developer employing only a few contractors and my Exchange Server hosts only a handful of users (mainly family members in fact). I checked out your product when the tsunami of really inappropriate spam was hitting my kids' email boxes. GFI MailEssentials does the job particularly well, and I haven't even got enough traffic yet to turn on the Bayesian Analysis. The virus checking is excellent and works just the way it should!

Michael Burgun

Starting our own business after several years in the IT industry, we knew that we would need spam and virus protection for our fledgling company. To that end, we purchased a 10 user licence of the GFI MailEssentials & GFI MailSecurity Suite 3 months ago and installed it on our new MS Exchange server. When we installed the suite, we immediately noticed the benefits that we gained by employing the bayesian spam filtering facility coupled with the e-mail exploit protection that is offered. On a daily basis, GFI has been filtering a couple of hundred spams mails with remarkable accuracy and no intervention from anyone after the initial training period. We have also had cause to contact GFI's support team regarding a query on some of the features that are available. The response was timely and courteous providing us with the information we required in a straight forward and useful manner. Today however, we feel that the suite has paid for itself at least 10 times over. With the outbreak of the MyDoom virus, we have received in the region of 600 (and counting) mails containing the payload. MailSecurity I am happy to report, has stopped them all.

Paul Vernon
New Media Development Ltd

GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP is probably the best anti-spam tool I've ever used! Instead of 90+ spam messages in my mailbox this morning, there were two. There was only one false positive, and this was because the sender was using a character set that I'd blocked. Our MD came to me this morning and described the results as "awesome".

Matt Rudge
Technical Director
Hegarty Computer Services

Tipperary, Ireland


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