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ITDefense "Product of the Month" - Popular IT and network security magazine ITDefense featured GFI MailEssentials as their "Product of the Month" in their April issue. The feature focused on GFI MailEssential's unique Bayesian filtering technology and described it as "the most effective technology to combat spam".

- ITDefense, April 2006


GFI MailEssentials wins Redmond Editors' Choice Awards 2005 - Redmond Magazine's panel of experts have named GFI MailEssentials as the winner of the anti-spam category in the publication of their annual Editors' Choice Awards 2005. Judge Dave Tschanz singled out GFI MailEssentials for medium- to large-sized networks and praised the Bayesian filtering system, saying that it "works particularly well". He was also impressed with GFI's customer service and described the website as "exceptional" as well as being "easy to use" and containing "extraordinarily useful information".

- Redmond Magazine, November 2005


Effective spam management application - In an article featured in a TechRepublic newsletter, GFI MailEssentials was highlighted as one of the more effective applications for managing spam. The article draws attention to the fact that managing the spam that comes into any organization "takes some sophisticated software and a lot of hard work". The feature goes on to explain how to deploy GFI MailEssentials as a mail gateway. Reviewer John. R. Kull praised various features such as Custom and DNS blacklists and the directory harvesting rules. He concludes by saying: "Before you invest $ 1000's of dollars in an appliance or other product, check out the GFI MailEssentials product".  

- TechRepublic, October 2005


GFI named 'preferred security provider' - In an article for SearchSMB.com, news writer Charlie Russo reported that Bradley J. Dinerman, president of the New England Information Security Group named GFI his preferred vendor for IT security software thanks to its products GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity. The article explained how security has now become an issue for SMBs “because of pressure to comply with government regulations intended for larger companies, like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act”. The article advises SMBs that when planning a security purchase it is important to “consider how the new product will mesh with existing systems, and how much time and effort it will take to run everything as a whole”.

- SearchSMB.com, August 2005


Hawker Pacific grounds spam with GFI email filtering system -  ComputerWorld featured an interview with Robert Burns, Manager of Information Systems at Hawker Pacific, one of Australasia's largest commercial aviation companies, detailing how the company overcame its problem with spam after installing GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity. Mr. Burns said he was "monumentally impressed" with the products which he found "easy to implement and quick". The company chose "GFI MailEssentials for spam filtering, and GFI MailSecurity for filtering email-borne viruses, worms, and trojans." The magazine reported that he is now "totally satisfied; spam is down to about one percent of traffic and is fully contained."   

- ComputerWorld, August 2005


GFI MailEssentials wins anti-spam Readers’ Choice Award - MSExchange.org readers voted GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP as the winner in the anti-spam category of the Readers’ Choice Awards. The awards draw a huge response per category and are based entirely on the visitors’ votes

- MSExchange.org, July 2005



Windows Server 2003 certification for GFI MailEssentials - GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP has achieved the Windows Server 2003 certification from Microsoft Corp through VeriTest. This certification is based on an established technical standard to identify software applications that are secure and manageable, and that run reliably on the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. GFI MailEssentials met these rigorous requirements after being tested by VeriTest: ”This certification through VeriTest provides GFI customers added confidence in their purchase of GFI MailEssentials,” said Katrina Teague, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions at VeriTest.

- VeriTest, July 2005

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