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Information is our business. Our Firm's client data is confidential. As Forensic Accounting and work with large Corporate customers represents circa 40% of our business, we need to be able to stop anyone unauthorized from gaining access to the data and then from removing it. GFI LANguard Portable Storage Control (now GFI EndPointSecurity) allows us to control who can put information onto a computer or take information from a computer. With Flash memory sticks that can carry 2GB this is critical.

Timothy O’Reilly
Managing Partner
MKO Partners Chartered Accountants
Dublin, Ireland

We chose GFI LANguard P.S.C. (now GFI EndPointSecurity) to protect against unauthorized copying of internal data as well as to prevent viruses from coming into the network via removable storage. It’s been wonderful not having to deal with those problems since the installation!!

Victor Martin
Best Western Sterling Inn

I was searching for solution to the potential dangers from the upsurge in popularity of the many various types of portable storage available on the market today. Active Directory has some functionality but is too inflexible and time consuming. GFI LANguard Portable Storage Control (now GFI EndPointSecurity) is a clear, simple and effective solution to the security issue. The 60 day trial period was an excellent opportunity to fully trial the product on the various hardware configurations and personal requirements that our company has. I had no hesitation in purchasing the license and a two year support subscription.

Michael Hurworth
IT & Facilities Manager
Fair Trades Ltd

Since the introduction of GFI LANguard Portable Storage Control (now GFI EndPointSecurity), I have no longer had to concern myself with physical security devices to prevent the use of the floppy drive and CD drives fitted to our machines. Without GFI LANguard P.S.C., I had no real way of blocking access to the USB devices depending on who the user is. Thanks GFI!

Mark Gould
Group IT consultant
Aurum Funds
London, UK




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