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Network-wide control of portable storage, media and
consumer electronic devices

The need to control entry and exit of data via USB sticks, iPods, PDAs and other devices

You have invested in network anti-virus software, firewalls, email and web content security to protect against external threats. Yet any user can come into the office, plug in a USB stick the size of the average keychain and take in/out over 2 GB of data. This poses a tremendous threat: Users can take confidential data or they can unknowingly introduce viruses, trojans, illegal software and more actions that can affect your network and company severely. Yet, as an administrator you have no way to control this! Group policy offers no control.

According to a 2005 FBI Computer Crime Survey, 44% of organizations have reported network intrusions from within their own organizations. Technology analyst Gartner warns that portable devices containing a USB or FireWire connection are a serious new threat to businesses. In their report, Gartner named removable media devices as a significant security risk in the workplace and advised that these can be used both to download confidential data, and also to introduce a virus into the company network.

Regain control with GFI EndPointSecurity

GFI EndPointSecurity allows administrators to actively manage user access to: 

  • Media players, including iPod, Creative Zen and others
  • USB sticks, CompactFlash, memory cards, CDs, floppies & other storage devices
  • PDAs, BlackBerry handhelds, mobile phone and similar communication devices
  • Network cards, laptops and other network connections.

How it works

To control access, GFI EndPointSecurity installs a small footprint agent on the machine. This agent is only 1.2 MB in size the user will never know it is there. GFI EndPointSecurity includes a remote deployment tool based on GFI LANguard technology, allowing you to deploy the agent to hundreds of machines with just a few clicks. After installation, the agent queries Active Directory when the user logs on and sets permissions to the different nodes accordingly. If the user is not a member of a group that allows him/her access, then access to the device is blocked.

GFI EndPointSecurity configuration

Easily configure group-based protection control via Active Directory You can configure and categorize computers into different protection groups: For each group you may specify different levels of protection and devices to allow or disallow access to. You can also leverage the power of groups and make an entire department a member of the group and easily change the settings for the entire group. Configuration of GFI EndPointSecurity is effortless and leverages the power of Active Directory and does not require the administrator to remember and keep track of which policies were deployed to which computers. Other storage control software requires cumbersome per-machine administration, forcing you to make the changes on a per-machine basis and update the configuration on each machine before the settings can take effect.

You can evaluate GFI EndPoint Security by clicking on the link below. During the 30 day evaluation period we will provide you with technical support to make sure you can get the most from this solution.

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