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 White papers

 The corporate threat posed by email trojans:

How to protect your network against trojans

Describing what trojans are and why they pose a danger to corporate networks, this paper discusses the need and method to protect your network from the threat of trojans.

 Why one virus engine is not enough:

Multiple virus engines are needed to reduce time lag between virus outbreak and signature update

This white paper explains the importance of response time, shows the response time differences between virus engines, and explains why having multiple scanners at mail server level decreases the average response time and therefore the chance of virus infection.

 Why you need an email exploit detection engine:

The danger of email exploits

This white paper explains what email exploits are, provides examples of common email exploits, and discusses why a non signature-based approach (i.e., not a virus engine) is needed to protect against email exploits.

 Protecting your network against email threats:

The need for comprehensive server-based email security

This white paper explains why anti-virus software alone is not enough to protect your organization against the current and future onslaught of email viruses and threats. Examining the different kinds of email attacks and issues that threaten today's organizations, this paper describes the need for a solid server-based email security solution to safeguard your network.

 GFI MailSecurity's deployment strategies:

Which operating mode(s) to use in your network environment

GFI MailSecurity can be deployed as an SMTP gateway or as a VS API version for Exchange 2000/2003. This white paper describes each operating mode and helps you decide which to deploy and whether you should deploy both.


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