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With GFI MailSecurity and GFI MailEssentials, we enjoy better use of IT time as well as improved user relations. The products are out of sight but definitely not out of mind. Threats of infections are minimized and our content filtering and monitoring by file types has improved.

Yusuf Denath
Business Systems and IT Manager
Leicester City Football Club

As email is the number one route for malicious traffic onto networks, and as any second of downtime disrupts our ability to provide our services to clients, our primary criterion in judging mail security packages was quality at any price. GFI MailSecurity’s vendor-neutral architecture allows us to use four separate virus scanning engines to minimize the possibility of a new infection getting onto our network—unlike products from other vendors which only offer protection from their own virus scanning engine.

Jay Bregman
Technology Director

As we are a non-profit organization, the fact that we are keeping away dozens of unwanted mails, viruses and exploits every day with GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity means that we area dramatically decreasing the TCO of our IT infrastructure.

Pascal Tesch
radio 100,7

The return on investment is high, thanks to the great savings made by not having to face the cost of repairing a site after it has been infected by a virus.

Olivier Fourquin
IT Manager

I only have the highest praise and accolades for GFI and their products. They have returned time and efficiency to our company.

Justin Lenkey
Systems Administrator
GB Manufacturing Co.
Delta, Ohio, USA

We are a public school system and have approximately 450 email accounts. We process over 1,000,000 messages per month! We have been with GFI for several years and the last versions of GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity have been real time savers for us.

Larry Jones
Lead Technician
Greeneville City Schools
Tennessee, USA

I would like to share the great experience I've had with GFI MailSecurity and GFI MailEssentials. I previously ran a different program that scanned at the IS level only which took up many resources and was not as effective. I am running GFI MailSecurity at the SMTP level and I can now detect viruses before they ever reach the IS or potentially the user. GFI MailSecurity uses far less resources, and it protects against viruses like Netsky. I also really like the approval form that is in the administrator's email. That is really handy for the occasional email that is blocked based on attachment. I've also been using GFI MailEssentials on my server for over a year now. GFI has not let me down yet. I tried many other virus/anti-spam products and they all failed my tests.

Tim Adams
Network Administrator
Greenville, SC, USA

GFI MailSecurity is a best in class solution for finding viruses. The hourly updates make a huge difference (it allowed us to catch the latest variants of Bagle/Beagle variants and MyDoom variants without any getting through into our environment). We have seen no significant defects in last two releases. We consider this an outstanding result. I recommend GFI MailSecurity highly!

Sam Prather
Longview Ranches
Los Gatos, CA, USA

Being a small company right now, I have literally wiped out unwanted email from many users in our organization. GFI MailSecurity has been a great addition to our Exchange Server. It has caught hundreds of possible viruses and stopped them before they were able to be delivered to our workers. To sum it all up, GFI is one fantastic tool that no Administrator can live without.

Kevin Hays
Systems Engineer
Star Robbins & Company
Kentucky, USA

Before GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity, our SPAM was completely out of control, and we were receiving a tremendous number of email viruses a day. Since email marketing is an important component to our business, our addresses were highly visible to the general public and this made email administration a nightmare. GFI's products have helped make Exchange administration a breeze for our organization, and has reduced the time spent parsing through mountains of SPAM to almost nothing for our users.

Jody Thomas 
Kayye Consulting, Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC, US

Our business is based on information and any downtime has a serious cost to us. Email is used by our Firm every minute of the working day and is critical to any information business. Having suffered a virus attack when I first set up the business and having been unable to do business for a week, I recognize the importance of protection on many levels from viruses. We use GFI MailSecurity for our SMTP MS2003 Mail Server.

Timothy O’Reilly
Managing Partner
MKO Partners Chartered Accountants
Dublin, Ireland

We have evaluated and purchased GFI MailSecurity because we found it to be easier to deploy and maintain. It is very effective against viruses. Its multiple scan engines are as fast as single scan engine based products available in the market. It provides great value for money and a high ROI.

Head -Tech. Support

Since we have installed the GFI MailEssentials & GFI MailSecurity Suite our emails per day and load on our email server has decreased drastically. We were at a point were we needed to upgrade the mail server we had, but since we installed this product we were able to keep our current hardware. The owners of the company were amazed at the amount of spam the system stopped daily.

Pete Teague
IT Manager
CCI Telecom
Statesville, USA

We have been very impressed with the ease of use of both GFI MailSecurity and GFI MailEssentials in comparison to other renowned brands in this field that were often very cumbersome (and expensive). I have already suggested your software solutions to several of my IT peers.

Jeremy Carnahan
IT Manager
Boecore, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

On 26 January 2004, the ViaNova network of companies in Norway was sent various emails infected with a virus that was unknown to the virus scanning engine at that time. However, GFI MailSecurity's Trojan & Executable Scanner detected the 77 suspicious mail; when we studied the quarantined mails we later found they were all copies of the new virus MyDoom. Although our virus definitions weren't updated against it, the Trojan & Executable Scanner kept us virus-free that day!

Paal Aaserud

With email being such a vital component of our modern business, it was becoming increasingly problematic for our users to have to sift through the hundreds of spam messages that they received every day. GFI MailEssentials has effectively eliminated that problem and helps our staff to concentrate on our clients instead of hunting through their emails. Combined with GFI MailSecurity we have a comprehensive security package that helps keep our company safe from attack and our business moving.

Daniel Reid
Network Administrator
Philip Pank Partnership
London, UK

I write from my home and use Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 for mail. With my email address published in thousands of books, articles, and Web pages, I've always had a difficult time controlling spam and viruses. The problem was how to block spam and viruses without preventing my readers from contacting me. The frustration was trying to remain productive while sorting spam from legitimate mail.

The solution was GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity. Without these products, I'd almost certainly lose contact with my readers. With these products, I get legitimate email from my readers but contend with a tiny fraction of the spam I once did, and I never see a virus in my email box. And I've regained hours of productivity every week - hundreds of hours a year.

Small businesses must give GFI a try. They can't afford to ignore the benefits.

Jerry Honeycutt
Microsoft Windows Desktop Deployment Resource Kit (Microsoft Press, 2004)

I am a corporate trainer delivering in several different situations, college and business, and need numerous 'tools' to illustrate good security practices to my students and to give them insight into what is available on the market. When delivering a class on Microsoft Exchange Server I like to use GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP as a tool to demonstrate with.

I am always impressed with GFI because of the speed to release products to the market that are cutting edge, the graphical interface that makes installing, configuring and using easy and the ease at which the products can be removed completely from a system without orphaned objects. My students have also all been impressed with GFI products. Keep up the great work!

Carol Miller
CIW Foundations Exam Cram
Trenton, Ontario, Canada

In the article “Shielding intellectual property”, The Australian (30 March, 2004) reported that the Australian Membrane Biological Research Institute (AMBRI), a biotechnology company, uses GFI MailSecurity and GFI MailEssentials.The security of more than a decade's worth of research and experimental data is fundamental for this company, meaning that emails containing viruses must be filtered at all costs. In the article, AMBRI’s network administrator George Hanna stated that, in the last two months alone, 1,699 viruses have been blocked automatically. Hanna also said that some 41 per cent of all email received by the company is filtered as spam.

Australian Membrane Biological Research Institute

I've just installed GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP and I said to myself: "Those guys must know what they are doing!" Why? To start with, it's a clean, smooth, neat, straightforward installation. I could not believe, after all the hassle of installing trial versions of other software makers, I would find a straightforward and, so far, effective SMTP gateway. This is my first testimonial ever and I think GFI deserves it. [5*****] Thank you.

Rui Cardoso

I installed GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP with no problems and thankfully it is keeping our mailboxes clean from viruses. I have been using GFI MailEssentials for about a year now and with GFI MailSecurity our mail is now free from viruses and virtually free from spam.

Jose T. Cavazos
Lotus Notes Administrator
Georgia Ports Authority
Savannah, GA, USA

Fox Data has used GFI MailSecurity since it came out and we have no anti-virus software on any of the clients since these programs create too many issues on their own and also slow down the computer. And we are still totally virus free!

Tommie Mademark
Fox Data
Sollentuna, Sweden

We have been using the GFI MailEssentials & GFI MailSecurity Suite for more than 6 months and I would like to compliment GFI on the outstanding quality of these products. They are fulfilling my expectations at 200%!

Frank Agricola
System Manager
Giant Europe
Lelystad, The Netherlands

Starting our own business after several years in the IT industry, we knew that we would need spam and virus protection for our fledgling company. To that end, we purchased a 10 user licence of the GFI MailEssentials & GFI MailSecurity Suite 3 months ago and installed it on our new MS Exchange server. When we installed the suite, we immediately noticed the benefits that we gained by employing the bayesian spam filtering facility coupled with the e-mail exploit protection that is offered. On a daily basis, GFI has been filtering a couple of hundred spams mails with remarkable accuracy and no intervention from anyone after the initial training period. We have also had cause to contact GFI's support team regarding a query on some of the features that are available. The response was timely and courteous providing us with the information we required in a straight forward and useful manner. Today however, we feel that the suite has paid for itself at least 10 times over. With the outbreak of the MyDoom virus, we have received in the region of 600 (and counting) mails containing the payload. MailSecurity I am happy to report, has stopped them all.

Paul Vernon
New Media Development Ltd
Midlands, UK

Your free download is a great idea! People downloading the product will love it... just like me! I was searching for an anti-virus product for my company's new Exchange Server. I searched using a search engine and a whole bunch came out. I did not know which one was good, but GFI MailSecurity was free to download and try. It is a great product, easy to install and use, and it blocks a lot of viruses each day.

Frank Han
Network Manager
Pem America Inc.
New York, NY, USA

I have been evaluating GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP for several weeks now, and I do have to say that it has been an excellent product to work with. The entire setup and configuration of the product was painless. When I did run into problems, the GFI LiveSupport option on the GFI website was able to fix my issues within minutes. I applaud GFI for releasing the demo with non-expiring antivirus: hopefully this will do a little to contribute to safety and security on the Internet. The fabulous experience that I have had with MailSecurity has made me consider evaluating other GFI products, such as GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP and GFI FaxMaker for Exchange/SMTP.

Stephen Sanders
Manager, Information Security
Milwaukee Center for Independence

As a network infrastructure consultant and systems engineer, I deal with many clients in varied industries. For nearly three years I have been advising my clients on the benefits of GFI MailEssentials from a security and virus scanning perspective. More recently, with the proliferation of spam throughout the world, GFI MailEssentials & GFI MailSecurity are not just considered as a virus scanning gateway for email, but a critical component in my client's online strategy with respect to security and productivity. The latest version of GFI MailEssentials has taken huge strides in combating spam with its revolutionary "Bayesian" filter. Already I have deployed this technology onto my own network and to four of my clients' networks. The results thus far have been excellent. Over the next month or so, I expect to update the rest of my clients to GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP 9 and once the Bayesian 'learning' period is over, we expect to see most, if not all spam, eliminated from their inboxes. Another key benefit of GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity (I never use one without the other) is their ease of installation and configuration. I am able to deploy both products and configure to my clients' requirements within two hours. My business strategy is to provide my clients with a low maintenance, highly available, and secure network infrastructure to enable them to be more productive and reduce their overall TCO. GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP 9 is a key component of that strategy.

Brendan Helsham
Private Universe Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia

GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP was flawless in installation and the software itself is actually better than some of the "major" players that I have been evaluating. I did have a chance to fully test it this weekend as the SoBig worm flooded hit our servers: GFI MailSecurity stopped every single message and has performed to higher levels than I expected.

Michael McKinnon
Director of Technical Operations
Equita Financial Services
Dallas, Texas, USA

Having used GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP for a number of years, we installed GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP and have not been disappointed. We have been catching more than 200 viruses and 1000’s of spams per month! It’s a great product and when combined GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP gives us a first class email defense solution.

William Thomas
Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook
Glenview, IL USA

Email is very critical for our business. We have had our own mail server for some time now, running GFI MailSecurity on top of it, and this has resulted in a stable and reliable environment with over 4,000 viruses being blocked. Although we do not have our own ICT maintenance division, we can handle it all with GFI MailSecurity in minutes and for a very reasonable price! Awesome.

Bart Coelus
Guido NV
Ghent, Belgium

Two years ago, three virus attacks in as many months prompted me to search for a new network wide solution to email security. I settled on GFI Mail essentials which has since been split into GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity. Since then I have not had one virus make it into our systems. This program works exactly as described, and requires very little attention to do it's job with 100% effectiveness. Combined with GFI MailEssentials which is over 98% effective at removing our spam without eliminating email we need, it is the perfect solution for our office.

Ken Nyren
IS Manager
Axon/Styrotech Corp

We have been using GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity to act as an email firewall in front of our internal mail server. This works extremely well as we are able to keep our internal mail server off the Internet and relay internet emails to the GFI MailEssentials/MailSecurity server. In 6 months, GFI MailSecurity has blocked 282 viruses and 239 dangerous attachments, and in 3 months GFI MailEssentials has blocked 169 spam emails. We have also purchased GFI FAXmaker and are looking forward to trying the rest of GFI's innovative software.

Salim Jamal
Network Administrator
T.I.C. Travel Insurance Coordinators
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

We've used GFI MailSecurity for Exchange now for over two years. During this time we've never had a virus although many have been caught by GFI MailSecurity's screening of our email. Administration is easy and fast. We feel very protected using GFI MailSecurity.

Paula Chesbrough S.V.P.
Eagle Bank
Everett, MA, USA

We have been using GFI MailEssentials/MailSecurity for a few years now and every version just keeps getting better! GFI has stayed ahead of the curve on their messaging products with content filtering, anti-virus, exploit, spam control, and disclaimer functionality. Our time commitment to gateway messaging is quite low as the GFI products, combined with top notch technical support and development, has allowed us to focus on other core IT functions.

James Towne
Senior Systems Administrator
Affiliated Managers Group
Boston, MA, USA

We've been stopping viruses with GFI MailSecurity for a couple of years now. The product is exceptionally easy to configure and use. It has certainly saved our organization the cost of the product many times over by preventing unwanted emails and controlling the entrance of viruses into our network.

Mark S. Anderson
IT Director
Winona County, Winona, Minnesota USA

We have used GFI MailSecurity and its predecessor program, Mail essentials, to block unwanted and dangerous attachments for over three years. I can't imagine running an email server without it. When you see the dreck that GFI MailSecurity keeps from entering from entering your network, you'll be very glad you installed it.

Joe Stern
Director of IT
National Analysts, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA, USA

We have been using GFI MailSecurity for about one year now and it has helped us a great deal by filtering our email content. Thanks to GFI MailSecurity, the number of unwanted emails has decreased and our security has been reinforced as it blocks potentially malicious attachments. This in turn has helped to increase our productivity. Moreover, for me as administrator, GFI MailSecurity is as powerful as it is simple and easy to use.

Binard Laurant
EDP Manager
Pardoen S.A.
Jumet, Belgium

GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP works seamlessly on our network with Exchange 2000. It was so amazing to see the email vulnerabilities that existed on our network before GFI MailSecurity, even though we have a firewall and current anti-virus software installed. We have also been able to reduce the amount of spam that gets to a user's inbox, thus increasing productivity. Online/interactive support has been most beneficial. I now know that our network is secure from email exploits and vulnerabilities. A great product and a great company!

David Waugh
Network Administrator
Boyum & Barenscheer PLLP
Minneapolis, MN, USA

GFI MailSecurity is a very good product that we have been using for a few years. Since we've implemented it, all email viruses were blocked, and a lot of junk and joke mails were blocked too. We recently also implemented GFI MailEssentials 8.0, which resulted in even more spam being blocked. I can't imagine a company without a mail relay these days, and I would certainly recommend GFI because of the easy install and configuration and of course the pricing!

Steve Da-Re
ICT Management
BDO Auditors Accountants Advisors
Hasselt, Belgium

We have been using GFI's email content filtering for many years. The programs were originally bought to allow us to put a disclaimer at the end of our email. When we had installed the program we found that the additional functionally of the content filtering was excellent. The ability to fine-tune the rules and the types of email attachments and content that we can block or quarantine is very useful. The ability to not worry so much about email-based viruses and trojan programs every time a new one comes around is great - it's almost a fire and forget solution! When you compare it with other solutions, you find the ease-of-use and cost are much better with GFI's products.

We will continue to use the GFI MailEssentials and MailSecurity products for the foreseeable future, and I quite happily recommend these products to anyone that is looking to increase the strength of there email gateway.

Michael Dear
Collegiate Management Services
London, UK

Without a doubt, GFI's MailSecurity software has saved Tayburn and myself from a whole lot of heartache. This little gem of software integrates seamlessly with our Exchange Server and has saved us from hundreds of potentially devastating viruses. Also the great reporting tools bundled with GFI MailEssentials enable me to cast trend reports and shine some light as to where all our bandwidth goes.

Thanks to GFI's products, Tayburn have achieved a rock solid email infrastructure with no unplanned downtime. What else can I say: Great product, price and fantastic support.

Richard Mason
IT Support Manager
Tayburn Ltd
Edinburgh, Scotland

I have been using GFI's email security products for over 3 years. Thanks to GFI MailSecurity's innovative filtering technique, we have succeeded in blocking the dangerous virus, PE_BUGBEAR.B - before our anti-virus engines were updated against it! Thanks to GFI MailEssentials, spam in our mailboxes has diminished by more than 40%! I heartily advise system administrators to try these products out to see for themselves how effective GFI MailSecurity and GFI MailEssentials are!

Minei Antonello
System Specialist
Starhotels S.p.a.
Firenze, Italy

We have been using GFI MailSecurity to protect our SMTP gateway for three months now and have experienced nearly 100% security with ongoing reliability and robustness, which is critical for protecting our messaging system.

Hisham Nagia 
IT Manager for Development
Bavaria Egypt
Cairo, Egypt

GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity have been an important part of Sysnet's security infrastructure for many years now. In that time both products have proved themselves invaluable on more than one occasion. Coupled with the services offered online by GFI.com, and other add-on software (e.g., for ISA Server), GFI products have made our job easier and our network more secure. Many thanks!

Trevor Cushen CISSP CISM
Head of Security
Sysnet Ltd
Dublin, Ireland

We needed email virus protection and peace of mind. GFI MailSecurity gave us both. With its 4 different ways of blocking email virus threats, and the ease in which it works and installs with our Exchange server, we can now monitor and control all types of attachments, infected or not, plus spam, and other undesirable content. We are very pleased with the product and interface.

Ahmed Laza
Director IT
Four Star Cargo
Miami, Florida, USA

The support you have provided has been excellent, and your firm should consider it to be viewed truly as "an industry standard".

Dave Spencer
Network Administrator
Century Foods International
Sparta, WI, USA


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