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Cost effective and secure remote access to business critical applications

Giving remote offices and mobile workers simple and secure access to the information and applications is critical for an organisation that wants to manage successful business growth.

Using proven technology developed through the collaboration of Citrix and Microsoft, Citrix Access Essentials enables recruitment companies like yours to to give users access to line-of-business applications and information from wherever they are working, whenever they need it, with the IT resources you already have, at a price you can afford.

What is Citrix Access Essentials and how does it work?

Instead of residing on dedicated servers and desktops, line of business applications and information are integrated onto the single server in a central location. Access Essentials then enables the secure, easy and instant access to the centrally located applications and information from anywhere, at any time using any connection.

Improved performance for your users

With this centralised approach to computing, only minimal amounts of data Ė keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen refreshes Ė travel between the server and the client device thus reducing the need for high bandwidth and enabling the user to enjoy consistently high performance from wherever they are Ė even over dial-up or wireless connections. Applications and information will still appear on desktops or laptops as before, and users will experience the same look and feel of their desktop and application interface, yet all of the processing in done on the central server.

Roll out and manage applications quickly and easily

You canít afford the costs, disruption and delays of frequent application updates on every userís equipment, especially when each has different hardware and software configurations. With Access Essentials you do updates once, centrally. That means everyone immediately has access to the new version. And your support person wonít need to touch every desktop and laptop within the organisation. Because the applications execute on the main server, not on each userís computer, you donít have to worry about expensive user hardware upgrades. A simple device can be as effective as a full-featured desktop.

Protects your assets from security threats

Safeguarding your precious information can mean denying access to certain users for fear of unauthorised break ins, viruses and spyware, or even the possibility that authorised users are doing unauthorised things. Access Essentials will protect your systems and information from both internal and external threats. The software enables you to assign specific applications, folders and websites just to the users you choose, whilst others users wonít even know that these items exist. You can even control whether users can save or print their permitted information locally, and by scrambling all remote transmissions with secure encryption Access Essentials also ensures your communications remain private, even over the very public Internet.

Next Steps

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