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Internet access control made easy and affordable

With GFI WebMonitor, administrators can review current and recent website access and downloads right from their browser. They can type in http://monitor.isa to see a list of websites accessed by users and files downloaded. GFI WebMonitor costs a fraction of the price of other Internet access control, monitoring and anti-virus products. 

Because the product runs on ISA Server, no dedicated machine or network re-configuration is required.

Multiple anti-virus protection through Norman Virus Control and BitDefender

GFI WebMonitor is bundled with Norman Virus Control and BitDefender. Norman Virus Control is an industrial strength virus engine that has received the 100% Virus Bulletin award 16 times running. It also has ICSA and Checkmark certification. BitDefender is a very fast and flexible virus engine that excels in the number of formats it can recognize and scan. BitDefender is ICSA certified and has won the 100% Virus Bulletin award and the European Information Technologies Prize 2002. GFI WebMonitor automatically checks and updates the Norman Virus Control and BitDefender definition files as they become available. The GFI WebMonitor price includes updates for one year.

Malware (Trojans, spyware, etc) blocking via Kaspersky – optional

To achieve even greater security and benefit from scanning via multiple virus engines, users can add the Kaspersky SuperSecure anti-virus engine, available as an optional add-on. The Kaspersky SuperSecure database includes support for the detection of malicious software that can perform remote administration, keyboard espionage, password detection, automatic dial-up to paid sites, automatic downloads of files containing explicit materials and more. GFI WebMonitor automatically checks and updates the Kaspersky definition files as they become available. 

Blocking of adult websites based on Yahoo!’s SafeSearch

GFI WebMonitor allows you to block adult websites depending on their content classification by Yahoo! SafeSearch. Rather than using a custom local categorization database, which will invariably fast become out-of-date with the hundreds of new adult content sites being introduced daily. Through GFI WebMonitor, you need not manually update filter lists, which is both time-consuming and expensive. When a user requests access to a particular site, GFI WebMonitor queries the Yahoo! SafeSearch service to see whether the site contains adult content. If it does, the site is added on the fly to ISA Server ‘Adult’ Destination set. An ISA administrator can block this URL set by creating a common access blocking rule on the server. It is also possible to further configure this GFI WebMonitor feature by editing a script to use different websites for site-checking, such as Google; however, these sites' terms and conditions apply.

Real filetype signature checks

Dangerous files (such as Trojan downloader programs) often attempt to penetrate a system masked as innocuous files. GFI WebMonitor uses its built-in file signature scanner to analyze and detect the REAL filetype signatures of downloaded HTTP/FTP files.

Clear and concise view of Internet activity

GFI WebMonitor offers a complete and compact overview of Internet activity through:

  • URL history view – Groups all accesses to a particular website and lists them according to popularity, displaying the number of hits, bytes sent/received, real filetypes accessed from each URL, URL category and the users/IPs who accessed the site.
  • Users’ history view – Lists all network users and all the websites they accessed, together with the number of hits, bytes sent/received and the daily time distribution of their web browsing.
  • Active connections view – Shows all ongoing web accesses in detail; enables blocking of unwanted/bandwidth jamming traffic.
  • Last web access view – Shows last completed 200 URLs requests in detail.

Blocks a download or connection in real time

Administrators can block or cancel a current download or browsing session simply by clicking on the block connection icon. For example, you may decide to interrupt the download of a large file that a user is downloading. Active Internet connections may also be disconnected if required.

Protects against legal threats

Without the ability to exercise some form of control over what your users are browsing, you might be open to legal threats. Employees can sue you if you have not shown due diligence in providing a work environment that is free of harassment. To provide this, you must install tools that allow you to block, or at least monitor, access to pornographic websites, for example. This remains a necessity: in August 2004, for example, over 200 British civil servants were disciplined for downloading pornographic images at work; while a June 2004 study by a US research firm showed that porn sites get three times more visits than the top web search engines.

Easily blocks a website – add sites from websites access view directly to ISA blocking rule’s URL sets

When a user browses a website that you wish to block, use GFI WebMonitor to add this site to an ISA Server 2004 URL Set used by access blocking rule. All the rule properties of a standard ISA Server 2004 rule can be applied (including the ability to exclude certain users, time restrictions etc). Note that this feature is only available for ISA Server 2004.

Can block/check applications' hidden downloads

Some software applications automatically connect to their home pages to download updates using HTTP tunnelling. Although this can reduce administration, it can also present a security risk because unknown applications or Trojans can use the same technique to download malicious files onto a user's PC, without the user knowing, including spyware, adware and pornware. GFI WebMonitor allows you to control which sites are allowed to distribute updates (for example: Microsoft).

Controlled access to the configuration and monitoring interfaces

GFI WebMonitor allows you to select which users can access its configuration and monitoring interfaces. You can assign such rights based on either the IP of the computer from which access is being made or by the domain-authenticated username of the client trying to load the configuration. Only users in GFI WebMonitor’s authorized users/IP list of will be given access.

Other features

    * Web-based interface
    * Microsoft ISA 2000/2004 integration.

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