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Why GFI EventsManager?
GFI EventsManager exists to fulfill a wide range of corporate requirements in events management. These corporate requirements fall under 4 broad, interlocking categories which are:

  1. Information system and network security
  2. System health monitoring
  3. Legal and regulatory compliance
  4. Forensic investigations.

Information system and network security
Corporations require a solution that monitors the corporate network 24x7x356 for all types of security breaches that occur or that are about to occur.

System health monitoring
Corporations require a solution that monitors the corporate IT infrastructure 24x7x356 for all types of hardware and software failures that occur or that are about to occur.

Legal and regulatory compliance
Corporations require a solution that monitors various network infrastructure parameters, archives events and issues reports that demonstrate that all the legal and regulatory requirements are being met.

Forensic investigations
Corporations require a solution that permits systems administrators to perform a wide range of search and filter tasks to pin-point specific details related to problematic events. They must also be able to issue reports that demonstrate the findings of forensic investigations.

GFI EventsManager satisfies all these corporate needs. It is the all-in-one events management solution that:

  • Augments security and legal compliance efforts by automating the auditing, translation and interpretation of W3C, Syslog and Windows event logs
  • Supports and automates 24x7x356 IT infrastructure security and system health monitoring
  • Collects, consolidates and stores network-wide event activity data into a centralized repository for easy access and automated reporting
  • Triggers alerts and remedial actions on occurrence of key events such as possible malfunctions, security weaknesses and malicious activity
  • Provides a holistic array of event filtering and forensic investigation tools that extensively simplify event analysis
  • Ships with unparalleled reporting abilities that provide a filtered but unbiased view of what is really happening on the corporate network!

On top of all of this GFI EventsManager provides a high performance events processing engine that is capable of collecting and processing more over 6 million events per hour. Its event processing rules are both pre-configured (satisfying the needs of corporations straight out of the box) and configurable (satisfying particular infrastructure needs).

Convenience, automation and standardization are the three values define GFI EventsManager:

  • Convenience A very low initial and total cost of ownership costs
  • Automation Relieves administrators of what commonly are perceived as ungrateful and time-consuming tasks
  • Consistency Evens out human interpretation.
Why GFI EventsManager?
Four reasons why you need GFI EventsManager.
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