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Network-wide analysis of event logs made easy
As a network administrator, you have experienced the cryptic and voluminous logs that make log analysis a daunting process. GFI EventsManager is a log processing solution that provides network-wide control and management of Windows event logs, W3C logs, and Syslog events generated by your network sources. GFI EventsManager includes an intelligent event processor which processes logs and presents information in a centralized, easy and user-friendly fashion. 

"Translates" cryptic windows events
Cryptic logs make log analysis a lengthy process. GFI EventsManager “translates” the often cryptic event descriptions to clear, concise explanations and suggestions for action. 

Centralized event logging
Event logs are constantly and automatically generated by a user or by an automatic/background process and logs are often stored in disparate locations. GFI EventsManager stores all captured event logs into one SQL database that may also reside remotely. You may also configure scheduled backups of your event logs. 

High performance scanning engine
GFI EventsManager incorporates a totally re-designed event scanning engine that is fine-tuned for maximum scanning performance. Tests demonstrate that it is able to scan and collect up to 6 million events/hr. Furthermore, its plug-in based methodology allows additional features and modules to be integrated without interfering with existing code.

Real-time alerts
GFI EventsManager can send you alerts when key events or intrusions are detected. You can trigger actions such as scripts or send an alert to one or more people by email, network messages, and SMS notifications sent through an email-to-SMS gateway or service.

Extended event log support
GFI EventsManager processes various event log types including Windows event logs, Syslog events, and W3C event logs. This allows you to collect more data from the different hardware and software systems that are most commonly available on a typical corporate network. 

Rule-based event log management
GFI EventsManager ships with a pre-configured set of log processing rules that allow you to filter and classify events that satisfy particular conditions. You can run these default rules without performing any configuration or you can choose to customize these rules or create tailored ones that suite your network infrastructure. 

Advanced event filtering features
GFI EventsManager’s powerful filtering sieves through the recorded event logs and allows you to browse the required events without deleting any records from your database backend. You may also selectively highlight specific events using a color or the integrated event finder tool. 

Event log scanning profiles
Scanning profiles allow you to configure the set of event log monitoring rules that will be applied to a specific computer or to a group of computers and provide a centralized way of tuning event log processing rules. You can also setup a set of rules that only apply to workstations in a particular department. You may also create separate complementary profiles that provide additional and more specialized event log rules on a computer by computer basis. 

View reports on key security information happening on your network
GFI EventsManager reporter enables you to identify security trends. Use its standard reports – which you can customize – or create custom reports from scratch. The standard reports include:

  • Account usage reports
  • Account management reports
  • Policy changes reports
  • Object access reports
  • Application management reports
  • Print server reports
  • Windows event log system reports
  • Events trend reports

A Swiss knife to meet different corporate requirements
GFI EventsManager helps your organization to address the following 4 areas:

Information system and network security: Detect intruders and security breaches
System health monitoring: Proactively monitor your servers
Legal and regulatory compliance: An aid to meet regulatory compliance
Forensic investigations: A reference point when something goes wrong.

Other features:

  • Remove “noise” or untrivial events that make up a large ratio of all security events
  • Real-time 24 x 7 x 365 day monitoring and alerting
  • Graphically monitor the status of GFI EventsManager and your network through the built-in status monitor
  • Report scheduling and automated distribution via email.

You're in good company...
Many leading companies have chosen GFI EventsManager. Here are just a few: Primerica, Pepsico France, Royal & Sunalliance USA Inc., ATP, Ceridian Canada and many more.

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Four reasons why you need GFI EventsManager. 
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