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Many leading companies have chosen GFI Network Server Monitor. Here are just a few.

Check out what our customers have to say about GFI Network Server Monitor!

At Midwest Security Insurance, we spent quite a while looking for a cost effective, easy to use, rich-featured product that could help us in our goal to turn our reactive network environment into a proactive one. We couldn't have our help desk finding out from an end user that one of our servers was down. Thanks to GFI Network Server Monitor when we get a call to the help desk we can say we are aware of the issue and are working to resolve the problem. We are very, very happy with GFI Network Server Monitor and look forward to the many enhancements that will be present in the next version.

Sr. Unix Administrator
Midwest Security Insurance
Onalaska, WI, USA

Since installing and configuring GFI Network Server Monitor on our network, I've been wondering where you guys have been all my IT life! Not only did I have monitoring checks set up and activated for my entire network in less than an hour, I was already realizing that I'll get a full nights sleep in the event of an outage because GFI Network Server Monitor will take care of any reboots and service restarts for me! Thanks GFI, you just made this IT Exec extremely happy!

Robert J. Hantson
QBOS, Inc.
Dallas, TX, USA

We installed, configured, and were making good use of the program within 24 hours of download. I'm very happy with the product: Installation was as easy as it gets, and configuration was a breeze. It is already a daily enhancement to our IT staff.

Philip R. Rice MCP
Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
Rice Insulation & Glass, Inc.
Bonita Springs, FL, USA

We have installed GFI Network Server Monitor and just like all other GFI products that we have within our network, I must say that we have been completely satisfied.

Jason Rivera
IT Manager
U.S. Poultry & Egg Association
Tucker, Georgia, USA

Thanks, I like GFI Network Server Monitor so much! It has already saved some headaches and I only implemented it two weeks ago!

Robert Candee MCP
Systems Administrator
C.F. Jordan, LP
El Paso, TX, USA

We have been looking for a product like GFI Network Server Monitor for some time now. It is a great product for the price. We looked at products that had roughly the same functionality at two to three times the price. There are also products out there that cost less, but either lacked the functionality or the reliability. This product really meets our needs. It was easy to install and the monitor rules were fairly straight forward to configure. We are now monitoring all of our production servers, and within the first day, GFI Network Server Monitor notified us of two problems. We were able to resolve the issues before they became a crisis. It makes sleeping easier at night knowing that GFI Network Server Monitor is watching. This is the second GFI product we have purchased. We were pleased with the support and product quality of the first, so it made buying GFI Network Server Monitor an easy decision.

Robert C. Carlson
Director of Information Technologies
The CBORD Group, Inc.
Ithaca, USA

The installation of GFI Network Server Monitor was a breeze! I am most interested in the ping capabilities because we have a router in a satellite office that sometimes hides itself from the world and has to be reset. I have had one failure registered on that router and it was reset and working before anyone realized it was down!

Patsy Rossow
Senior Technical Analyst
Scholarship America
St. Peter, MN, USA

I am a corporate trainer delivering in several different situations, college and business, and need numerous 'tools' to illustrate good security practices to my students and to give them insight into what is available on the market. When delivering a class on Network Infrastructure products, I like to use GFI Network Server Monitor as a tool to demonstrate with.

I am always impressed with GFI because of the speed to release products to the market that are cutting edge, the graphical interface that makes installing, configuring and using easy and the ease at which the products can be removed completely from a system without orphaned objects. My students have also all been impressed with GFI products. Keep up the great work!

Carol Miller
CIW Foundations Exam Cram
Trenton, Ontario, Canada

The Age (May 2004) reported that a prestigious Australian private school purchased GFI software to secure its systems. Canberra's Marist College had to reinforce its computer systems to stop hundreds of its own students hacking into the system. At one stage the school recorded up to 200 virus attacks within an hour. One such security breach made the school rethink its entire security set-up. The school needed to know at once if someone might be accidentally introducing a virus, not a long time after, when the virus would have already done the damage. Marist College decided to use GFI software to improve the system so such breaches would not occur again. The products used include: GFI LANguard Security Event Log Monitor, GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner, GFI Network Server Monitor, and GFI MailEssentials. As a result, the school can now monitor who is doing what on the system, and can immediately contact them about it.

Marist College
Canberra, Australia

We use GFI Network Server Monitor to monitor over forty servers and to validate Exchange, SQL and Active Directory services the simplicity of set-up meant we were up and running within a couple of hours and our Helpdesk group now has the ability to see at a glance should any systems go offline. Another great GFI product!

Steve Callow
Computer Support Manager
Manx Telecom Limited
Douglas, Isle of Man

Wow! I'm extremely impressed with GFI Network Server Monitor! I love the built-in monitoring rules. I was able to monitor one server and all of the major services in less than 5 minutes.

Brian McConnell
Network Administrator
ABC Fine Wine & Spirits
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