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Inspect your services all the time
- In a review in hakin9 magazine, reviewer Stefan Lochbihler used GFI Network Server Monitor to demonstrate how to monitor servers in a network. He described the product as "a tool that should inspect your services all the time and informs you immediately if an error should happen". The review also praised other useful properties of the product, such as the possibility to perform "DNS lookup, whois and traceroute requests". He concluded by saying that another nice feature of the product is that "you can request which computers are currently running on your domain and it is possible to enumerate the processes of a given system".

- hakin9 magazine, April 2006 


GFI Network Server Monitor named "Editor's Choice" -
Windfile.com, a popular software archive site, has selected GFI Network Server Monitor for their "Editor's Choice" award, describing it as the "the only real way to ensure server uptime".

- Windfile.com, November 2005


GFI Network Server Monitor named People's Choice Awards 2005 winner - MSD2D, a resource for the Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, .NET and Security communities, has announced that GFI Network Server Monitor was selected as the 2005 winner in the Security – Server monitoring category of the MSD2D People’s Choice Awards. The award was announced at Microsoft's TechEd Fair 2005 in Orlando, Florida. “The fourth Annual People's Choice Awards recognizes the best products and companies in our industry. Visitors to our website cast their vote for the products they view as the very best in their respective category,” said Jackie Nguyen, Vice President of Sales. “MSD2D readers are professionals interested in learning more about various solutions for Security in the Server Monitoring category. Their vote serves as a solid peer-to-peer recommendation of the winning product.”

- MSD2D.com, June 2005


One product to monitor the entire network - Internet Magazine (Italia) selected GFI Network Server Monitor 6.0 as software of the month in May. An accompanying review of the software describes how GFI Network Server Monitor is full of interesting new features, especially the simple wizard that allows effective rule creation such as the possibility to define a time when maintenance should be carried out and how network administrators should be alerted about security breaches (by email, SMS, or network message). The reviewer is also delighted to find out that monitoring reports may be accessed from the web, making it possible to control the network from any PC that is equipped with a browser. The review also points out how all these features are available for Linux machines as well, making GFI Network Server Monitor an ideal product for networks that use a combination of Windows and Linux machines. All these positive features and others lead Internet Magazine to name GFI Network Server Monitor as the right tool to monitor all the network.

- Internet Magazine (Italia), May 2005 


Top network monitoring contender - In a review by Mike Gunderloy for Larkware, GFI Network Server Monitor is described as one of the top contenders amongst the network monitoring applications on the market. The reviewer found the following features very useful, "the agentless architecture, the easy setup, and the VBScript/WMI combination for customization." He also remarks that, "Adding Linux support in this version is a step forward as well," and "Another nice touch not found in many other products is that monitors can be organized hierarchically with inherited properties." In conclusion, the reviewer suggests that, "If you're spending time trying to keep your own servers running and don't have automated help, take a look."

- Larkware, March 2005 


Monitoring servers and services with ease - In a review for Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Magazine, reviewer Mike Gunderloy tested a number of utilities that monitor servers and other services, including GFI Network Server Monitor. In his article, "Tame Those Servers Behaving Badly", he reported that the product is easy to use; "adding a new server is as easy as clicking a toolbar icon". He found that the product makes troubleshooting simple and that there are plenty of ways to perform monitoring. The reviewer describes the feature that allows configuring dependencies between rules as being "handy". He also stated that the manual is well-written and can be very useful when writing custom VBScript files.

- Microsoft Certified Professional, September 2004 

Silver Award for GFI Network Server Monitor - Reviewer Lee Derbyshire writing for WindowsNetworking.com, awarded GFI Network Server Monitor the silver award rating it 4/5. He was very impressed with the operation of GFI Network Server Monitor. “Like most GFI products it has a simple interface that conceals a lot of powerful options.” An interesting feature for the reviewer is the ability to create your own monitoring rules using VBScript if you can’t find a built-in rule to suit your needs. The reviewer also found GFI Network Server Monitor reasonably priced, “considering the features on offer”.

- WindowsNetworking.com, July 2004 

Monitor your network from the pub - In an article for Techworld, journalist Bryan Betts praises GFI for having augmented GFI Network Server Monitor with a remote web view that is optimized for mobile phones and other handhelds. The journalist humorously notes that thanks to this feature, sysadmins across the land can now sit "outside in the sun, preferably outside a pub with a pint in one hand." He also recognizes the company’s achievements by stating, "GFI reminds us why we love technology."

- Techworld, May 2004 

5 stars for GFI Network Server Monitor - OneKit.com, a leading software distribution website featuring quality shareware and freeware titles, awarded GFI Network Server Monitor the topmost score of five stars. The high rating was awarded on the basis of the product's ability to efficiently identify and fix network and server failures.

- OneKit.com, April 2004 

Top pick - GFI Network Server Monitor was selected as a top pick and was named "Featured Product" on both the Server Management and Monitoring sections of Netwarefiles.com. Netwarefiles.com is a site featuring an extensive selection of high quality, network related utilities.

- Netwarefiles.com, February 2004 

Top marks for GFI Network Server Monitor - Review staff at BrotherSoft.com, a leading provider of shareware and freeware software, awarded GFI Network Server Monitor the maximum 5 out of 5 rating. The product's ability to maximise network availability by monitoring different aspects of servers earned GFI Network Server Monitor the top score.

- BrotherSoft.com, February 2004 

GFI Network Server Monitor named Editor's Pick - MonitorTools.com has awarded GFI Network Server Monitor five stars and named it Editor's Pick. The title was given as a result of the product's effective features and top performance. MonitorTools.com features a complete listing of network-related monitor tools.

- MonitorTools.com, January 2004 

5-star award - GFI Network Server Monitor has been awarded the top score of 5 stars by TopShareware, a leading software distribution site. The award was granted as a result of the product's effective network and server monitoring features.

- TopShareware.com, December 2003 

Top rating for GFI Network Server Monitor - Sofotex.com has awarded GFI Network Server Monitor five stars, the highest possible score. The site offers a collection of top-rated software.

- Sofotex.com, December 2003 

5 stars for GFI Network Server Monitor - GFI Network Server Monitor was awarded five stars, the topmost score, by FileTransit.com, a software distribution site featuring high quality applications.

- FileTransit.com, December 2003 

Small, smart and very very handy.

- Windows & .NET Magazine, June 2003

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