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GFI MailArchiver is really like an insurance policy intended to avoid the potential serious consequences of the company not being able to fulfil its regulatory or legal obligations in the future.

Graham Gould
Group IT Director
Johnston Press plc
GFI MailArchiver allows senior management to sleep easier at night, knowing that in the case of a customer dispute or suspected misuse of corporate information or IT resources, we are in possession of the evidence necessary to make prudent business decisions.

Jay Bregman
Technology Director
GFI MailArchiver for Exchange is an excellent tool to end the .pst hell. The price is good and the installation was very, very easy. The search functions are also very easy to handle, so everyone is able to find his own mails in a very short time. And last but not least, the support staff answered our questions very competently, in a very short time. All in all we are happy that we made the decision to buy GFI MailArchiver.

Juergen Siebenhuetter
INTER-Clean Service GmbH
We are using GFI MailArchiver to stop users having to archive their mails in PST files and in their post boxes. Users shouldn't have to spend so much time with the manual archiving of emails. GFI MailArchiver allows them to reduce the expenditure for seeking their emails in a simple way. This is of great benefit. Most of our users were long awaiting such a tool!

Michael Breuert
Senior Administrator IT-Systeme
Autoflug GmbH
Rellingen, Germany
Since installing GFI MailEssentials I've always been a big supporter of GFI's products, so when we identified a business need to begin keeping a copy of all our incoming and outgoing email, GFI MailArchiver was the first thing I trialled. True to form, it's fantastic with the configuration and the interface being very simple and intuitive. Being a very small IT Department one of things that I insist on is that software requires very little administration and GFI MailArchiver fulfils this requirement easily. It's truly a "set and forget" product which I have complete faith in. Yet again a superb effort, keep it up!

Andrew Hastings
Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP
GFI MailArchiver allows us to easily track email correspondence and threads of conversations with a view to protecting our data, staff and our clients.

Timothy O’Reilly
Managing Partner
MKO Partners Chartered Accountants
Dublin, Ireland
GFI MailArchiver is running perfectly, the included visual installation instructions were very helpful. We are very satisfied with the product and its ease of installation and administration.

Boyd Elrod
American International Movers, Inc.
Forsyth, GA, USA
We use GFI MailArchiver and we recommend it! Since installing the product, we have been able to reduce the size of personal folders and speed up our Exchange system.

GianMarco Gabrieli
Entratico, BG, Italy

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