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 Main product pricing

GFI MailArchiver for Exchange 4
Pricing includes 3 months of free support from date of purchase and 3 months of upgrade protection.

Price Price
up to 25 mailboxes MAR25 425 up to 400 mailboxes MAR400 2500
up to 50 mailboxes MAR50 700 up to 500 mailboxes MAR500 2850
up to 100 mailboxes MAR100 1225 up to 1000 mailboxes MAR1000 4980
up to 200 mailboxes MAR200 1700 more than 1000 mailboxes Contact Sales
up to 300 mailboxes MAR300 2100


GFI EmailProtection Suite
Purchase GFI MailSecurity, GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailArchiver as a suite and save! Through this new suite you will be able to protect your network from email viruses, trojans and spyware through multiple anti-virus engines and server-level spam protection through leading anti-spam technology. In addition, you can also archive all internal and external email into one or multiple databases. Suite pricing only applies if you purchase the products at the same time.

Price Price
25 mailboxes MMM25 750 500 mailboxes MMM500 6375
50 mailboxes MMM50 1275 1000 mailboxes MMM1000 9500
100 mailboxes MMM100 2225 more than 1000 mailboxes Contact Sales
250 mailboxes MMM250 4150

GFI EmailProtection Suite - additional mailboxes

Price Price
25 mailboxes MMMU25 600 500 mailboxes MMMU500 5100
50 mailboxes MMMU50 1025 1000 mailboxes MMMU1000 7630
100 mailboxes MMMU100 1800 more than 1000 mailboxes Contact Sales
250 mailboxes MMMU250 3325

 Software Maintenance Agreements

A Software Maintenance Agreement is highly recommended for all products. This includes free software version upgrades, as well as email and phone support during office hours. A Software Maintenance Agreement must be purchased within 90 days from the date of product purchase and costs 20% of the published full product end-user list price per year. The minimum Software Maintenance Agreement fee per year is 75. Without a Software Maintenance Agreement, each email incident or 30-minute support call costs 25.

A Software Maintenance Agreement can only be purchased in 1-year intervals or multiples of 1 year. The starting date of a Software Maintenance Agreement is ALWAYS the date when the product was purchased, i.e., if you purchase on 1 May, then your Software Maintenance Agreement will also run from 1 May, and will expire a year after that. It is not possible to purchase maintenance for, say, 18 months. Software Maintenance Agreement renewals can only be purchased within 60 days of the original day of product purchase (for example, if your product was purchased on 12 July 2006, and you want to purchase a Software Maintenance Agreement renewal a year later, you can only do so within 60 days of 12 July 2007). To extend your existing Software Maintenance Agreement, please contact sales.

Upgrade pricing includes 3 months of free support from date of purchase and 3 months of upgrade protection.

Upgrade to GFI MailArchiver for Exchange 4

Price Price
up to 25 mailboxes MARVU25 250 up to 400 mailboxes MARVU400 1500
up to 50 mailboxes MARVU50 400 up to 500 mailboxes MARVU500 1700
up to 100 mailboxes MARVU100 725 up to 1000 mailboxes MARVU1000 2980
up to 200 mailboxes MARVU200 1025 more than 1000 mailboxes Contact Sales
up to 300 mailboxes MARVU300 1250

GFI MailArchiver for Exchange versions 2, 3 & 4 - additional mailboxes 

Price Price
25 additional mailboxes MARU25 350 400 additional mailboxes MARU400 1975
50 additional mailboxes MARU50 550 500 additional mailboxes MARU500 2275
100 additional mailboxes MARU100 975 1000 additional mailboxes MARU1000 3980
200 additional mailboxes MARU200 1350 more than 1000 additional mailboxes Contact Sales
300 additional mailboxes MARU300 1675


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