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Superb product - GFI MailArchiver for Exchange received the top rating of 5 stars from the popular online software catalogue SoftPlatz.com. Reviewer Mike Hallidy described GFI MailArchiver as a "superb product".

- SoftPlatz.com, December 2005

GFI MailArchiver wins Email Archiving Solution Readers’ Choice Award – Windows IT Pro readers voted GFI MailArchiver for Exchange as the winner in the “Email Archiving Solution” category of the 2005 Windows IT Pro Readers’ Choice Awards. “The Windows IT Pro Readers’ Choice Awards are highly coveted in the IT industry because our readers, who are the buyers and users of these products, are the ones who choose the winners,” said Kim Paulsen, group publisher of Penton Media’s Windows IT Pro Group. “These awards are the ultimate acclamation an IT company can earn from its peers in the IT community

Windows IT Pro, September 2005

GFI MailArchiver wins Exchange Archiving award - MSExchange.org, a leading Microsoft Exchange Server resource site, announced that GFI MailArchiver for Exchange was selected first runner-up in the Exchange Archiving category of the MSExchange.org Readers’ Choice Awards. The awards draw a huge response per category and are based entirely on the visitors’ votes.

- MSExchange.org, August 2005

No competition for GFI MailArchiver - GFI MailArchiver was described as a “brilliant” tool in a review in Michael’s World O’Tips, a collection of useful resources on Mike-tech.com. The reviewer, Michael Viehweg, explained how GFI MailArchiver is an easy-to-use solution that deals with the problems associated with Microsoft Exchange, such as information storage size, disaster recovery and mail archive compliance laws. When describing GFI MailArchiver he states, “The basics of how this system works is brilliant. It works with the built-in functionality of Microsoft Exchange”. The reviewer was also impressed with how simple it was to install: “My installation process only took about a half an hour.” He writes that he would personally endorse the software to anyone who runs Microsoft Exchange Server and comments that the price “is so low that everyone can afford to reap the benefits”. The reviewer concludes by saying: “There are other guys out there selling mail archiving products however none of them can compete with GFI.”

- Mike-tech.com, July 2005

GFI MailArchiver wins Exchange Backup award - Leading Microsoft Exchange Server resource site, MSExchange.org, announced that GFI MailArchiver was selected a first runner-up in the Exchange Backup category of the MSExchange.org Readers’ Choice Awards. GFI MailArchiver is considered among the very best in this category.

- MSExchange, February 2005

An effective tool for storage and compliance - In an article for Document Manager Magazine, GFI MailArchiver is described as a useful product which saves on email storage space and which allows users to comply with legislative storing regulations. The reviewer states that GFI MailArchiver "can help to relieve many of the headaches caused by modern business' reliance on email as a primary form of communication". The reviewer also finds the product offers good value for money: "Costed against potential storage savings alone, GFI MailArchiver represents good value to any corporation." In conclusion the reviewer's verdict is: "In an age of almost daily legislative changes, GFI MailArchiver has a clear role to play and looks to be a very effective tool. The way that it works in parallel with Exchange Server offers an efficient and non-intrusive way of storing and retrieving emails and attachments

- Document Manager Magazine, January/February 2005

GFI MailArchiver wins gold award - Reviewer Dan Nicolo gave GFI MailArchiver the Gold Award with a rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 points in a review for MSExchange.org. The reviewer recommends using GFI MailArchiver "whether you're looking to ensure that your company's Exchange organization complies with regulatory requirements, or just as a way to quickly retrieve email messages from the dark ages". The reviewer also loves the fact that "it does nothing to impact the smooth operation of your Exchange Servers, and requires only one SQL server database". The reviewer concludes by stating: "Quite simply, if you need a simple, fast, and effective way to manage archived Exchange messages, GFI MailArchiver is the answer."

- MSExchange, February 2005

Making IT folks' lives much easier - Writing for Network World, Michael Osterman, renowned messaging journalist and researcher, describes GFI MailArchiver for Exchange as an inexpensive and easy solution to archiving. he points out a number of advantages that GFI MailArchiver can provide an organization: "it helps the organization comply with the growing number of regulations for data retention; it helps to satisfy legal discovery requests; it reduces the amount of storage needed on Exchange servers, helping them to run more efficiently; it allows users to mine the archive for old information; and it eliminates the need for end users to employ individual PST files to offload information from their mail stores." According to the reviewer, "Any one of these reasons is probably justification enough for implementing an archiving system in most organizations."

- Network World, December 2004

Award of excellence - GFI MailArchiver received the highest award possible from File Cart, the popular download site. With a full mark rating of 5/5, GFI MailArchiver was given the "Award of Excellence" prize.

- File Cart, December 2004

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